Episode 5 is the 5th episode of season 1.


Yoon Bum falls ill, so Oh Sangwoo cares for him. They share about their past and have an intimate moment.


Taking place immediately after Episode 04, Oh Sangwoo orders Yoon Bum to eat the food he made. Though he tries to only hold it in his mouth, Sangwoo rubs his throat and he swallows. Sangwoo tries some and says it's salty.

Alone, Bum tries to induce vomiting. He plans to flee, but passes out. Sangwoo finds him and takes him to the basement. Before he puts him down, he changes his mind and brings him to his own bed instead. He makes him salt water to induce vommiting and gives him a bucket. He leaves the room, so Bum vomits.

Bum wakes up hearing the screams of a woman. He turns to find Sangwoo staring at him. He asks how he's feeling, so Bum smiles and says better. As he starts to sit up, Sangwoo pushes him back down and tells him to rest. When he looks where he touched him, he sees that he left blood on his shoulder. He insists that he's fine.

Bum asks if they can eat together from then on. Sangwoo ask if he doesn't like the little table, and says that it's from his childhood. Bum asks about his past, and Sangwoo decides to tell him.

He says that it had been highschool when he saw his parents last. In elementary school, he and his mother used to sit at the little table, though there was a normal table in the kitchen as well since it was only for his dad. When his mother says that he should go to school, his father threw an ashtray at them and dented the table. Sangwoo says that it happened frequently, so there isn't a point in talking about it. He says that that was the first time he told anyone about it. Bum apologizes for prying, but Sangwoo says he'll do the same and asks about his wrist.

Bum says that he lived with his grandparents since he was a kid, then his uncle. He says he slit his wrist because he was lonely. It became a habit and he began ending up at the police station frequently. Sungwoo says that he became a perverted stocker and that he hates people, like him, that are scared of death that they don't act and constantly pity themselves. Bum is saddened by his insult and asks what he should do then.

Sungwoo grabs his wrist and says that they're both orphans. Smiling, he says that he feels like his mother is at the house. He says that she bangs on the door and even gets mad at him when he sleeps in the bed. He says that he becomes so scared that he can't sleep. He says that Bum made him feel relieved. He begins kissing his scarred wrist. He leans in to kiss Bum, but he protest, having just vomited. He kisses him anyway and Bum becomes more involved. He begins biting his lower lip.

Bum asks if he can blow him. He is taken back, but says that he can use his hand, if he'd like. He begins rubbing himself and Sangwoo until they both come. With cum on both his hands, he puts them together and says that he wishes they could mix in the same way. Some falls on the floor, so Bum apologizes. Sungwoo, blushing, says not to worry about it.



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