Episode 02 is the 2nd chapter of volume 1 and the 2nd episode overall.



Oh Sangwoo hits Yoon Bum with his bat and he falls to the ground. Sangwoo says that he hasn't seen any of his relatives in 10 years. He tries to crawl away, but Sangwoo grabs and pulls him back. He hits him again, but Bum runs past him up the stairs. He hits him on the legs and he collapses again. Before Sungwoo finishes him off, he yells that he fell in love with him.

Sungwoo stops and Bum says that, at Sungsoo University, in class of 2011, he was in the same class as him. He says he saw him in the army as well when he saved him from his superiors. After that, he fell in love. He never intended to bother him. Sungwoo crouches and rubs his head. They stare at each other before smiling and standing back up. He tells Bum that the basement is too small for the both of them and they should go upstairs.

They walk up and Bum asks if he's really forgiving him. He says that he is, but then pushes him down the stairs, saying not with his legs the way they are, though. He falls on the ground and passes out.

Seungbae taps on the driving wheel and Officer Park asks what's wrong. He asks how he knows Oh Sangwoo. Park answers that both of his parents were murdered when he was in high school. Seungbae asks if he means the double homicide from 3 years ago. He was a part of the investigation, but they couldn't find any useful evidence. He says that he'll never forget his crying face. He says that, even though he seems happy, he must be hiding it. He says that he wants to look after him. If his son was alive, he would be around his age. Sometimes he even confuses him for his son. He says that he had his doubts about the case, as it was if a ghost committed it.

Seungbae asks if it couldn't have been the work of an outsider. He says that he investigated it on his own, and the evidence of a break and enter looked too obvious, as if it was planted. Smiling, Park asks if he thinks he killed his parents. He says it's possible. Park says that no good deed goes unpunished. He heard he was in an investigation squad previously. He tells him to know his place, as he was already demoted for his behaviour. He says that, if he screws up, he's responsible as well. He acts if he thinks it's unfair to put a working dad's job in jeopardy.

Seungbae looks ashamed, so Park pats him on the head and tells him to cheer up. He asks if he's never been scolded before and says they should concentrate on the task at hand. Seungbae apologizes.

Yoon Bum wakes up to the sound of booming. He finds himself in chains and the girl beside him, dead. He jumps back, but has a sharp pain in his leg. Sangwoo walks down the stairs and says he shouldn't scream when you see a woman's face. He asks how it felt to spend the night with the daughter of the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. He tells him that she screamed at him for help while he was unconscious. He says that she was stupid until the end, and she thought she was better than him, so he was the only one hurt by it. He grabs her breast and says that now she's flaunting her chest in front of two men. He notes that they're stiffer than they were the day before.

Sangwoo says that Bum is middle aged, unemployed, gay, and his shabby clothes suggest he was the class loser. He says that, with his scarred wrists, he either was beat by his father or it's related to something gay. He says that he'd normally kill him and let the girl live longer, but he hasn't killed a man since the death of his dad. He strokes Bum's leg and says his legs are pretty like a girl's, besides his leg hair and flicks his bruise.

He opens a can and says he must be hungry. He tells him not to worry, as its just porridge. He eats a spoonful himself and then puts a spoonful in his mouth. Some of it slips out of his mouth, angering Sangwoo. He tells him not to spill it because it's expensive. He says that he should be grateful that he's alive to taste anything. He pours the rest onto his face and he asks if he likes it. Smiling with tears in his eyes, he says that he does. He asks why he would and calls him a retard. He leans down and kisses him. Bum is amazed at his "kindness," and props his left leg up. Sungwoo notices that his leg is fine and said he should have told him. He walks over and grabs a sludgehammer and smashes that leg as well.



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