• Rynderend


    Just needed to say some stuff, I am one of a handful of fans who attempts to keep this wiki updated as chapters are released. I would like to thank the others who help in this effort.

    However, this wikia is sadly lacking a lot of information due for a couple of reasons:-

    • Vandalism - Freedom to edit is both a blessing and curse. Over the last year, pages have been repeatly deleted or defaced by trolls for there own amusement. Most notably, the entirity of Min Jiuen's profile was deleted and sections of Bum's and Sangwoo's pages defaced with non-sensical statements. This hinders progress and I kindly ask if you see this please just remove it (especially offensive or irrelevant text) .
    • Where's that Admin? - As far as I am a where, the Admin f…
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  • AmiSutcliff99

    So its been a while since I`ve posted on a wikia, the last time I posted on a wikia was for my degrassi wikia account and I`d really like to get back into writing... This first blog post is more rambling than writing but I want to get my thoughts out while they`re still fresh in my mind. I plan on writing fanfiction and posting it here because the best people to critque your work are fans... I hope you all will give me great ideas and critques and let me know how I can improve my writing style. I am currently listening to conspiracy theories while writing this so my thought processes are all over the place... Lets have some great conversations please! Have a wonderful day and I hope this becomes a great page for people to follow.

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